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3EyeTyeDye Baseball Cap (Black)

3EyeTyeDye Baseball Cap (Black)

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3Eyetyedye printed logo baseball cap made from cotton with adjustable metal buckle back, great fit for all sizes. Hand wash only.

The eye of Horus represents the cross section of the human brain and was/is used as a sign of prosperity and protection through millennia. Embedded into the logo which is placed at the front of this cap symbolising where the Pineal Gland (Third Eye Chakra) sits, it’s guaranteed to keep the wearer safe from the malicious intentions of others while simultaneously helping to attract prosperity into one’s life.

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Worn by Artists

@Taffmusic1 wearing our Orange & Grey Crumple Tie Dye Sweatshirt while performing.

Displayed on Big Screens

Our artwork proudly showcased in the heart of NYC's Times Square, brings the vibrancy and energy of the city that never sleeps into your home. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of history and elevate your space with a touch of glamour.